BWX Putty Systems


Dispense high or low volumes of polyester putty

The BWX (55 gal) and LWX (5 gal) Chop Check Putty Systems are designed to dispense and meter mix polyester putties with a catalyst for a uniform cure. The labor-saving air/solvent purge assembly minimizes cleaning, this unit allows virtually the entire usage of all the putty with no open containers, resulting in lower styrene emissions. Examples of industries using our equipment are Marine boats, personal watercraft, wind power and more.

  • Material directly from a 5 or 55 gallon drum
  • Optional low-boy cart and 12 ft. boom
  • Catalyst accurately metered through the GS designed MEKP slave system and thoroughly mixed in the dispensing nozzle
  • 5 gallon pail units - ask for LWX



BWX: 55 Gallon Stationary

BWX-CBA: w/ Mast, Boom, Lowboy Cart

Standard Components:
  • 55 gallon ram assembly
  • 23:1 extrusion pump assembly w/ shuttle value
  • S100-97 MEKP salve assembly
  • BW1000 (high flow) manual dispensing valve
  • 25 ft. high flow supply hoses
  • 2:1 solvent pump assembly
  • All related hardware
  • Gun rebuild kits
System Specifications:
  • Output pour up to 25 lbs/min (11.3 kg/min), spray up to 6 lbs/min (2.7 kg/min)
  • Catalyst percentage .75%-3% by volume
  • Pump ratio 23:1 chop check
  • Air requirements 25-30 CFM


  • Additional hose lengths
  • MVA01 Valve - (low flow)
  • X2004G X-GUN - (low flow)
  • BW1000-3/4 - (medium flow)
  • #180 BWX Cart only
  • MI-PX Mast only
  • RB300-PX Boom only
BWX Putty Systems - Model BWX-CBA
BWX Putty Systems - Model BWX-CBA2015LWX Dispensing X-GUN®X2015 Spray X-GUN®BW1000 Valve Gun

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