Superflow Chopper - External Mix


Non-Atomized-Flat Pattern-Dual Orifice with Proven Reliability
  • Leading edge tchnology in Non-Atomized resin application
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Emissions
  • Low Pressure
  • Better Glass Dispersion
  • Improved Skin Coats
  • External Mix
  • Pneumatic 2 Stage Trigger
  • Billet Aluminum Gun + Chopper



RC42SF-10X: 10:1 Pump

RC42SF-11X: 11:1 Pump

RC42SF-22X: 22:1 Pump

RC42SF-22XP: 22:1 Pump/2 Wheel Cart (RC42SF-22XP is ideal for pool resurfacing)

Standard Components:
  • Cart, mast, boom
  • Ceramic roving guides and brake
  • X2008C X-Gun
  • RC100-04 superflow chopper motor
  • 25 foot hoses
  • S1000-97 MEKP slave pump assembly
  • Resin pump assembly
  • Air manifold/regulators/filter
  • Gun rebuild kits, box of blades, (4) anvil sleeves and chopper spares
System Specifications:
  • Output up to 15 lbs/min (6.8 kg/min)
  • Catalyst percentage .75%-3% by volume
  • Pump ratio 10:1, 11:1 or 22:1
  • Air consumption 20 CFM
  • Easy to disassemble internal or external mix nozzle assembly - no bolts!
  • Lightweight billet aluminum
  • Modular components
  • Hi-torque GS chopper motor pivots all directions for even glass dispersion
  • Ergonomically designed air trigger reduces operator fatigue
  • X-Gun is sold without chopper motor for use with wet-out applications


  • Additional hose lengths
  • Double roving rack
  • Roving box cover
  • Less boom
  • Less cart
  • Less mast
Superflow Chopper - External Mix
Superflow Chopper - External MixSpray-On Flat Pattern2015CCX X-GunRC42SF-22XP- 22/1 Pump/2 Wheel CartRC42SF-22XP- 22/1 Pump/2 Wheel Cart

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