Custom Equipment: Portable 3-Color Gelcoater with Adjustable Boom

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Our customer required a custom built multi-color gelcoat unit built for there specific application to add to there collection of GS systems. GS Manufacturing came up with a solution using our various different combinations of cart/boom configurations.

  • Adjustable 8' - 12’ boom
  • Programmable catalyst alarm
  • Low boy cart for easy drum loading
  • Easy color change GS track system (3 colors)
  • 22:1 Gelcoat Pumps
  • X2015GL Low Emission Gelcoat X-Gun®
Programmable catalyst alarm

Programmable catalyst alarm.

Multi-color pump configuration

Multi-color pump configuration.

Low boy drum cart

Low boy drum cart.

Adjustable 8 to 12 foot height for boom

Adjustable 8 to 12 foot height for boom.