BWX Putty Systems


Dispense high or low volumes of polyester putty
  • Material directly from a 55 gallon drum
  • Optional low-boy cart and 12 ft. boom
  • Catalyst accurately metered through the GS designed MEKP slave system and thoroughly mixed in the dispensing nozzle
  • Also, the labor-saving air/solvent purge assembly minimizes cleaning, this unit allows virtually the entire usage of all the putty with no open containers, resulting in lower styrene emissions
  • 5 gallon pail units - ask for LWX



BWX: 55 Gallon Stationary

BWX-CBA: w/ Mast, Boom, Lowboy Cart

Standard Components:
  • 55 gallon ram assembly
  • 23:1 extrusion pump assembly w/ shuttle value
  • S100-97 MEKP salve assembly
  • BW1000 (high flow) manual dispensing valve
  • 25 ft. high flow supply hoses
  • 2:1 solvent pump assembly
  • All related hardware
  • Gun rebuild kits
System Specifications:
  • Output pour up to 25 lbs/min (11.3 kg/min), spray up to 6 lbs/min (2.7 kg/min)
  • Catalyst percentage .75%-3% by volume
  • Pump ratio 23:1 chop check
  • Air requirements 25-30 CFM


  • Additional hose lengths
  • MVA01 Valve - (low flow)
  • X2004G X-GUN - (low flow)
  • BW1000-3/4 - (medium flow)
  • #180 BWX Cart only
  • MI-PX Mast only
  • RB300-PX Boom only
BWX Putty Systems - Model BWX-CBA
BWX Putty Systems - Model BWX-CBA2015LWX Dispensing X-GUN®X2015 Spray X-GUN®BW1000 Valve Gun

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