LW05 Gelcoaters - Low Emission


Gelcoat Equipment for use in open or closed molding processes

GS Manufacturings’ line of LW Gelcoat systems accurately mixes polyester gelcoat and MEKP (methyl ethyl ketone peroxide) using heavy duty stainless steel gelcoat pumps combined with our 316 sst catalyst slave pump and our reliable gelcoat guns. Our systems deliver an even thickness for low and high volumes of gelcoat while maintaining a soft spray pattern ensuring you a high quality end product.

Examples of industries using our equipment are Automotive- after-market parts, truck canopies, large truck parts, camper shells,Marine -boats, personal watercraft, Tank manufacturing- corrosion, chemical, waste water, Amusement Parks- water slides, rides and rock walls, and Home building- bath tubs, hot tubs, jacuzzis, swimming pools.

  • Lightweight X-GUN®
  • Superior surface quality
  • Low Emissions
  • Single MEKP Orifice
  • HVLP air assist air cap
  • Modular components
  • Low pressure pneumatic controls
  • Ergonomically designed air trigger assembly prevents dust/material build-up
  • X-GUN contains no exposed moving parts for less maintenance


  • Air - 100 psi @ 10 cfm
  • Pump - 15:1 ratio @ 1 gpm w/ siphon assembly
  • Hoses - 25 ft.
  • MEKP - .5 - 4% siphon from original bottle

LW05-B: 15:1 Gel Pump w/Wall Bracket

LW05: 15:1 Gel Pump Mast/Mounted Stationary

LW05-5C: 15:1 Gel Pump — 5 Gallon Cart

LW05-55C: 15:1 Gel Pump — 55 Gallon Cart

LW05-22-55: 22:1 Gel Pump Mast/Mounted Stationary

LW05-22-5C: 22:1 Gel Pump — 5 Gallon Cart

LW05-22-55C: 22:1 Gel Pump — 55 Gallon Cart

LW05-2C: 15:1 Gel Pump - 2 Wheel Cart

Standard Components:
  • X2015GL Low emission gel gun
  • S1000-97 MEKP Slave pump assembly
  • 25 foot hose set
  • All regulators/hardware
  • Modular components
  • Stainless steel gelcoat pump
System Specifications:
  • Output 1-8 lbs./min. (.45-3.6 kg/min.)
  • Catalyst .75% to 2.5% by volume
  • Pump ratios 15:1 or 22:1
  • Air consumption 10-12 CFM


  • Additional hose lengths
  • Heaters
  • Catalyst flow alarm
  • Wall mount, stationary, 2 wheel carts and boom configuration
LW05 Gelcoaters - Model LW05-5C complete w/25 ft. hose set
LW05 GelcoatersX2015GL Low Emission Gelcoat X-Gun®LW05-2C - 15/1 Gel Pump, 2 Wheel CartLW05-55C - 15/1 Gel Pump, 55 Gallon Cart

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