RTM Systems


RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) meter-mix equipment for use in closed molding processes

GS Manufacturings’ line of RTM systems accurately mixes polyester or vinyl ester resins and MEKP (methyl ethyl ketone peroxide) into closed molds containing fiberglass, carbon fiber or other reinforcements. Our RTM systems can be used in light or vacuum assisted processes and are built to order with options such as digital timers, pre determined counters and custom built control boxes.

Examples of industries using our RTM equipment are Marine- boats and personal watercraft, pool and spa, bath ware- tubs and showers, automotive- panels and parts, and aircraft components.

Resin Transfer Molding System
Precise Meter-mix for: Polyester, Vinylester, Injection , Wet-out , Pouring, Simple Operation
  • Wall mounted units for high production
  • 5 gallon pail mounted
  • 5 gallon portable
  • 55 gallon portable
  • Catalyst alarm
  • Timers
  • GS MEKP slave pump
  • Simple operation
  • Precise mixing
  • Minimum purge
  • Low pressure
  • Manual or air-operated valve/nozzle
  • Standard units: 2 gpm, 25 ft. hose set, air/solvent purge



LWRTM: Pail Mounted

LWRTM-55: Mast Mounted Unit

LWRTM-5C: 5 Gallon Portable

LWRTM-55C: 55 Gallon Portable

Standard Components:
  • 4:1 ARO material pump
  • S1000-97 MEKP slave
  • MVA01 manual valve gun
  • 25 foot hose set
  • Air/solvent purge
  • Gun rebuild kits
System Specifications:
  • GS MEKP slave pump
  • Catalyst percentage .75%-3% 25Ft. hose set by volume
  • Minimum purge
  • Low pressure
  • Manual or air-operated valve/nozzle
  • Air/solvent purge
  • Standard unit 2 GPM


  • Additional hose length
  • Stroke counter
  • Pre-determined counter
  • Digital timer
  • Pneumatic X-Gun dispensing nozzle
  • Pneumatic X-Gun in place of MVA01 manual valve
RTM Systems - Model LWRTM-5c


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