Superflow Chopper - Internal Mix


FRP Chopper System

The Superflow Fiberglass Chopper System for Open Molding accurately mixes vinylester/polyester resins and MEKP (methyl ethyl ketone peroxide) along with chopped fiberglass.

Examples of industries using our equipment are Automotive- after-market parts, truck canopies, large truck parts, camper shells; Marine- boats, personal watercraft; Tank Manufacturing- corrosion, chemical, waste water; Amusement Parks- water slides, rides and rock walls; and Home Building- bath tubs, hot tubs, jacuzzis, swimming pools.

  • Leading edge technology in Non-Atomized resin application
  • Low maintenance
  • Low pressure/Low emissions
  • Improved skin coats
  • Tangle free ceramic eyelets
  • Heavy duty boom with adjustable spring tension for operator support
  • Stainless steel resin and catalyst slave pumps maintains consistent ratios
  • Internal mix - requires solvent flush pump
  • 2 wheel units for pool resurfacing and On-site jobs
  • Pneumatic 2 stage trigger- dispense resin/catalyst when needed without chop



RC42SF-10: 10:1 Pump

RC42SF-11: 11:1 Pump

RC42SF-22: 22:1 Pump

RC42SF-22P: 22:1 Pump/2 Wheel Cart (RC42SF-22P is ideal for pool resurfacing)

Standard Components:
  • Cart, mast, boom, roving brakes
  • X2015CC Internal mix X-GUN®
  • RC100-04 Superflow chopper motor (Not included w/Wet-out model)
  • 25 foot hoses
  • 2:1 Solvent flush pump assembly (required on internal mix only)
  • S1000-97 MEKP Slave pump assembly
  • Stainless steel resisn pump
System Specifications:
  • Output up to 15 lbs/min (6.8 kg/min.)
  • Catalyst percentage .75%-3% by volume
  • Pump ratio 10:1, 11:1 or 22:1
  • Air consumption 20 CFM


  • Heater
  • Additional hose lengths
  • Catalyst flow arm
  • Less cart, less boom- stationary units
  • Roving rack
Superflow Chopper - Internal Mix - Model RC42SF-11 With Solvent Pump
Superflow Chopper - Internal MixSpray-On Flat Pattern2015CC X-GunRC42SF-22XP- 22/1 Pump/2 Wheel CartRC42SF-22XP- 22/1 Pump/2 Wheel Cart

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Superflow Chopper Wet-Out Brochure
ARO System Schematics
IPM System Schematics
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