The X-GUN® is the Future ROBOTICS
  • Output? Absolutely no comparisons!
  • Filled resin? All day, all night long!
  • Patented Superflow mixing head
  • Ultra high-output chopper motor 11 lbs/min!
  • Low pressure pneumatic controls
  • Modular components
  • Low Emission Gelcoaters !!

GS CAD designed high performance chopper gun built specifically for the demands of robotic manufacturing is now available for all of your dispensing requirements

Higher Production + Less Downtime = $$$$


X2002: Dispensing X-GUN®

X2004CC: Chopper X-GUN® - Internal Mix

X2004GR: Granite Spray X-GUN®

X2004SP: Spray X-GUN®

X2007GL: Gelcoat X-GUN®

X2008CC: Chopper X-GUN® - External Mix

Robochop: X-GUN®


Spray Foam Application

The X-GUN was still able to perform in these harsh conditions as seen here in a spray foam application (photo w/ gun covered in yellowish material) and a dispensing application using a sealant/adhesive made by Sika.

Product used: X-GUN

X2002 Dispensing X-GUN®
X2002 Dispensing X-GUN®X2004CC Chopper X-GUN® - Internal MixX2004GR Granite Spray X-GUN®X2004SP Spray X-GUN®X2007GL Gelcoat X-GUN®X2008CC Chopper X-GUN® - External MixRobochop X-GUN®

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