X-Gun® 2015


The "One" gun you need!
  • X-GUN can be used for gelcoat, chopping, wet-out, RTM, sprayable granite, adhesive dispensing and more!
  • Lightweight billet aluminum
  • Ergonomically designed air trigger to reduce operator fatigue
  • Modular components - spare parts are interchangeable allowing your maintenance team to stock less parts
  • No needles

GS Manufacturing would like to introduce the new and improved X-GUN® with it's patented direct flow design which reduces clogging and lowers fluid pressure. Featuring our proven pneumatic ball valve design which eliminates troublesome needles and no exposed moving parts. Ideal for high viscosity and heavily filled materials such as sprayable granite coatings and coring materials.


X2015CC: Chopper X-Gun® - Internal Mix

X2015CCX: Chopper X-Gun® - External Mix

X2015GL: Low Emission Gelcoat X-Gun®

X2015GR: Granite Spray X-Gun®

X2015LWX: Adhesives, Epoxy, Urethane X-Gun®

X2015SP: Barrier Coats/Coring X-Gun®

X2015GL Low Emission Gelcoat X-Gun®
X2015GL Low Emission Gelcoat X-Gun®X2015CC Chopper X-Gun®X2015CCX Chopper X-Gun®X2015GR Granite Spray X-Gun®X2015LWX Adhesives, Epoxy, Urethane X-Gun®X2015SP Barrier Coats/Coring X-Gun®

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